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Veronica Moreno

Co-founder of Olé Mexican Foods, Inc.

Personal and Business History

A native of Morelos, Coahuila, Mexico, Veronica Moreno co-founded Olé Mexican Foods, Inc., along with her husband, Eduardo, in 1988, in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently serves as company President and CEO, overseeing sales and marketing, operations, product development, procurement, logistics, finance and administration.

IMG_9291_3Company History/Overview

When Veronica and Eduardo co-founded Olé Mexican Foods in 1988, their initial mission was to provide authentic Mexican-style tortillas for their family and the growing Hispanic community in Atlanta. From humble beginnings and with first-year sales of only $10,000, Olé has grown to be the second-largest producer of corn and flour tortillas in the U.S., with 2014 sales exceeding $300 million. The Morenos operate three tortilla manufacturing facilities, strategically located in Georgia, Texas and California, a cheese plant in Tennessee, and a sausage plant in Georgia, as well as twenty-four regional distribution centers, serving retail and foodservice customers across the U.S. In addition to corn and flour tortillas, Olé oversees production and distribution of tostadas, tortilla chips, authentic Mexican bakery products, Mexican and Central American specialty cheeses and chorizo sausage. Olé’s flagship brand, La Banderita, has held the number one spot in the Nielsen rankings in the Southeastern U.S. since 1998, complemented by the company’s Olé and Verolé brands.

Organization Sponsorships/Memberships
Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Member
Mexican Center of Atlanta Member / Event Sponsor
El Pueblo (a non-profit Hispanic advocacy organization) Gold Sponsor

Awards and Honors
2012 Ranked 36th in Hispanic Business Magazine Top 500 Business Ranking
2011 Named one of Hispanic Business magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies
2004 Georgia Minority Business Heritage Award
2004 Honored by the Georgia Secretary of State for outstanding contributions to Georgia minority business
2003 Hispanic Business Magazine Latina Entrepreneur of the Year
2001 National Hispanic Business Woman of the Year, presented by U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
2001 Regional Hispanic Business Woman of the Year, presented by U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
2000 America’s Successful Woman of the Year award by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
1993-1994 Youngest and Most Successful Hispanic Business Woman in Atlanta Award

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