New Xtreme Wellness Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wrap – A Great Option for Healthy Meals

As part if its 30th anniversary, Olé Mexican Foods has added an all-new Sprouted Whole Grains 8-Inch Tortilla Wrap to its popular Xtreme Wellness line.

This new tortilla represents Olé Mexican Foods’ continued commitment to providing high-quality, healthy options to our consumers using the latest science to understand nutrition and healthy living. The new sprouted whole grains wraps provide a tremendous amount of benefit to those who want a delicious alternative to traditional breads. Let’s take a look at what makes the new Xtreme Wellness Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps so special.

What is Sprouted Grain?

Sprouted grains are seeds that are going through the sprouting process. Before sprouting, grains are primarily made up of dense starches to protect and feed the seed until it can grow into a plant. During the sprouting process, many of these starches are converted or released to help the grain seed grow and establish a healthy plant.

By allowing the grains to sprout, Olé Mexican Foods can drastically change the nutritional value of its tortillas—providing a product that is easier to digest and is more nutritionally dense.

What are the Benefits of Sprouted Grain?

Lots of different studies show the benefits of replacing traditional breads with breads made with sprouted grains, but there are three key benefits most professionals can agree upon:

  1. Sprouted Grains Kill Phytic Acid

    —Phytic acid is well-known as a mineral blocker and enzyme inhibitor. It binds to minerals and makes it impossible for the body to digest. As an example, a wheat bread may say “contains 10 grams of calcium and 5 grams of magnesium,” but most of those vitamins and minerals in the bread are bound up in phytic acid. As a matter of fact, a study by Weston A. Price Foundation has proven that 80% of the iron and magnesium in whole grain breads can’t be digested at all because of the phytic acid. Allowing the grains to sprout prior to processing them into breads kills off phytic acid, unlocking nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and other vitamins and minerals so your body can digest and absorb them.

  2. Sprouted Grains Improve Digestibility of Gluten and Proteins

    —It is well-documented that gluten (that sticky protein found in wheat) can cause intestinal inflammation and lead to digestive and health issues. By allowing the grains to sprout prior to processing, the glutens can become predigested by the grain itself and improve the breakdown and digestion of these proteins.

  3. Sprouted Grains Contain More Fiber and Whole Food-Based Nutrients

    —Traditional grains are very high in carbohydrates, specifically amylopectin carbs that can negatively impact blood sugar levels. Whole grains and traditional breads can act as metabolism killers because of their high carb density. On the other hand, sprouted grains are typically higher in fiber and have more easily digested nutrients in them. The body, to remove toxins and other waste products from the digestive system, uses this plant-based fiber.

Xtreme Wellness Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps are made with four different sprouted grains to provide excellent nutritional value and delicious taste and texture. These tortillas are made with extra virgin olive oil to provide the added benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are tied to an improved mood, cardiovascular health, and autoimmune function.

So, try the new Xtreme Wellness Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps, an exciting new product for another great healthy option with delicious taste and improved nutritional benefits. All-new Olé Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps are currently available wherever Xtreme Wellness products are sold. For more information, visit the Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps product page here.

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