Xtreme Wellness products are high in fiber, carb friendly, and made with extra virgin olive oil and flax seeds.

Fresh Ingredients
Great taste
high fiber

Stop Sacrificing Flavor!

Have you been struggling to find high fiber options that actually taste good?

Are you tired of boring low net carb alternatives and tasteless wraps that rip easily?

Look no further than Olé Mex’s Xtreme Wellness tortillas. With a variety of sizes and flavors to choose from, you’ll get all the great benefits without sacrificing any of the delicious flavors you’ve come to expect from Olé.

Say goodbye to bland diets and hello to vibrant, bold flavors!

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La Banderita

Tortillas, chorizo, chips, cremas, sopes

X-Treme Wellness

High Fiber/Low Carb tortillas

Ole Mex

Tortillas, Chorizo, Corn Chips, Queso Fresco, Blanco, Oaxaca, Cotija and Crema Mexicana.


Corn and Flour Tortillas

Don’t just take it from us, take it from 35 years worth of happy customers!

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LOVE these tortillas. First they’re only 50 calories for the 8” and 80 for the 10”. White flour 8” tortillas are 110 calories! They taste great, freeze great, are Keto friendly, and thaw quickly. I’ve ordered them several times and use them in place of bread. Totally recommend this product!
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I like this brand, the tortillas are tasty and are great if you are on a low carb or keto diet. I had issues with the last delivery though. The 4 packs of tortillas were stuffed into a padded mail pouch causing them to get stuck together. I was unable to separate some of them without tearing them.
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I have recommended this to Keto friends. I have one daily as a sandwich wrap. They are only one point on WW! Excellent source of fiber too. I pop one in to a frying pan and heat on both sides. Then add Chile and sliced chicken breast. So easy and satisfying too.

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At Xtreme Wellness, we know tortillas that are better for you but still taste great are hard to find. Look no further for what to serve your friends and family than Xtreme's high fiber, low net carb tortillas, made with the best ingredients.

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